Security of your Data

taskzone provides data security and privacy on the highest level.

Where is your Data stored?

Your data is saved in a data center in Frankfurt a.M. (ISO 27001 certified). They are subject to EU data protection provisions and the Federal Data Protection Act. It is possible for you, to save confidential data, like customer data, in taskzone. We use the newest and most methods and technology to provide the highest level of safety and availability.

Please read our Privacy Statement, if you want to know more about how we treat your data.

How is your data transferred?

Your data is transferred via a modern SSL/TSL Tunnel with an AES-Encryption of 128 Bit. This way, your data is safe against attacks on the way to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Our used methods and are constantly updated and tested.

What can you do youself to secure your data?

To be safe of possible attacks, we recommend a complex password (min. 6 characters) with upper and lowercase, numbers and special characters. You should not use the same password for multiple accounts. The taskzone support will never ask you for your password. Never give your password to other people. You should keep your browser, computer and mobile devices on the latest version.